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Sean Wood - Creative Kitchen & Interiors | 079

Sean Wood - Creative Kitchen & Interiors | 079

In this episode I speak with Sean Wood, owner at Creative Kitchen & Interiors. Sean's team of cabinet makers is unusual in that they continue to make kitchens and furniture the traditional way - by hand.

If you love tradition, you'll fall in love with Sean's shaker style kitchens. Sean also shares how they work with clients, as well as what he had to relearn after coming from the commercial sector.


Creative Kitchen & Interiors


2 mins 55 secs The individuality you get with hand-making cabinetry techniques that you don't get with CNC machines.

6 mins 37 secs The two most important rooms in the home.

7 mins 45 secs Contemporary vs trends and the shaker style kitchen.

9 mins 5 secs What attracted Sean to purchase the business five years ago.

10 mins 15 secs The habit Sean had to re-learn when moving from commercial to residential projects.

14 mins 15 secs The hard part with cabinetry work, when clients change their mind.

16 mins 22 secs The personal relationship that grows around making the kitchen from day one.

20 mins 28 secs What it takes to make a career in cabinet making.

22 mins 25 secs What the apprenticeship scheme to become a qualified tradesman isn't working.

26 mins 53 secs Reducing waste out of the business and why the biggest cost is wasted time.

28 mins 52 secs Listening to the client.

31 mins 10 secs Making everything in-house from veneers, lacquers and timbers means full ownership until the client is happy.

33 mins 10 secs Servicing multiple generations of family kitchens.

40 mins 25 secs Sean's favourite recent tool purchase (and why the antique tools section on TradeMe is a pro-tip).

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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