A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
Sandra Mckain & Shaun Mckain - Plastercraft 2000 | 086

Sandra Mckain & Shaun Mckain - Plastercraft 2000 | 086

A must watch for home renovators! Plastercraft is New Zealand's largest producer of fibrous plaster products for the building industry. This interview takes place at their Auckland manufacturing HQ where they handcraft specialist fibrous mouldings for projects such as Sylvia Park, The Langham Hotel, Auckland Art Gallery, The Supreme Court in Wellington.

In the first part of the interview, Shaun discusses the Plastercraft’s focus on quality and customer satisfaction and their capability to build and customised fibrous plaster solutions for nationwide installation.

Sandra McKain - Plastercraft 2000 Managing Director

In the second part of the interview, Sandra Mckain shares a very personal story about have to run the business on her own this year. Sandra knows plaster craft like no other and talks through in detail about the manufacturing process, why Sandra is excited for the future and adding the New Zealand Made Kiwi trademark to their fibrous plaster products.


01:03 Shaun Mckain – Applications for Fibrous Plaster.

02:15 Design options

03:10 Recent projects

07:03 Maintaining quality

08:10 Focusing on the clients' vision

09:38 Sandra Mckain – Residential clients and their needs

12:09 A typical week manufacturing fibrous plaster products.

15:00 The manufacturing process

17:20 The origin story of Plastercraft 2000 and the touching story Sandra taking over running the whole business.

21:08 What’s next for the company

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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