A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
Mike Cook | Qtraca 073

Mike Cook | Qtraca 073

Food manufacturers, growers and orchardists all have compliance and a lot of cost savings can be made moving to a digital environment. That's where Mike Cook and Qtraca come in.

Qtraca helps manufacturers better optimise production processes including proactive monitoring of equipment. A must listen for New Zealand manufacturers.


Qtraca Software


3 mins 17 secs What QTraca delivers for manufacturers who do production runs in a factory floor environment.

4 mins 47 secs The origin story of QTraca.

6 mins 7 secs QTraca enables businesses to digitise your forms and processes rather than force a business into a new way of working.

8 mins 5 secs Going from digitising familiar forms to traceability and inventory management.

12 mins 16 secs The simple learning curve that has seen customers progress beyond getting it up and running.

15 mins 32 secs How digitising forms transforms manufacturing from reactive to proactive based on setting up alert fields.

19 mins 5 secs Subscription based pricing. No contract.

20 mins 18 secs The first customer.

22 mins 5 secs Automated temperature monitoring, pH monitoring, humidity monitoring, current monitoring on machinery to sense machinery stress.

23 mins 50 secs The opportunity for computer vision and AI in manufacturing.

26 mins 40 secs A case study of processing job applicants for orchardists digitally instead of using paper.

29 mins 6 secs Getting started with Qtraca software.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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