A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
Marleen Suy | Pete's Natural 074

Marleen Suy | Pete's Natural 074

I'm joined by Marleen Suy also known as 'Mrs Pete' at New Zealand beverage company Pete's Natural. Marleen shares the importance of looking after the local community first, their commitment to New Zealand fruit growers and what it's been like to lead the low sugar beverage movement from early 2010.

BONUS We also discuss how bars could up their cocktail game by building a drink on a better base.


Pete's Natural - Mixed Crate

2 mins 10 secs The inspiration of the Pete's branding.

4 mins 38 secs The first flavour and the origin story of Pete's Lemonade.

5 mins 21 secs Why choosing local fruits grown in New Zealand.

6 mins 25 secs Where fruit is sourced, citrus from top of the south, limes, lemons and ginger from Kerikeri, Gisborne and Hawke's Bay.

7 mins 25 secs Choosing flavours that Kiwis will love and leading trends.

9 mins 52 secs The shift towards healthier drinks and using natural fruit to get the sweetness in a drink.

11 mins 3 secs The domestic opportunity and exporting into Australia, Hong Kong and Thailand.

12 mins 2 secs What Fair Trade @ Home means.

14 mins 50 secs Why bars should be choosing a higher quality cocktail mixer base and how you can get Pete's Lemonade delivered at your home.

17 mins 38 secs The sustainability focus applied to bottling, ingredients, suppliers and production.

19 mins 1 secs How Pete and Marleen came to live in New Zealand.

20 mins 52 secs Growing on a shoestring and the positive change since Covid.

23 mins 22 secs Deciding to move away from the Food Shows in favour of direct to consumer social media and emails.

26 mins 10 secs The importance of NZ Made and supporting local for the community.

29 mins 15 secs The shift to setup their own bottling line, doing unique flavour trials and opening up the bottle line to new drinks producers.

31 mins 2 secs Collaboration within the drinks industry.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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