A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
Jacqui, Jenny, Lisa and Leonie | Shebiz 071

Jacqui, Jenny, Lisa and Leonie | Shebiz 071

This is an amazing New Zealand software story by three sisters and their Mum. We talk about about how Shebiz got started, the gender challenges back in the 1980's in technology and how the family have adapted and grown their business with a repositioning to a digital first approach in 2020.


Lisa Wardill - SheBiz Programmer
Jacqui Lowe - SheBiz Digital Marketing
Leonie Patrick - SheBiz Marketing & Lead Generation
Jenny - SheBiz Founder (currently retired)


SheBiz Software


3 mins 50 secs Getting a shearing audience in front of the PayBiz product through shearing conferences in NZ/Australia and what happened in 2020.

4 mins 35 secs The difficulties of getting in front of stock brokers.

5 mins 37 secs Jacqui talks about digital marketing in 2020, how the worlds changed and what SheBiz is doing make sure they're digitally prominent.

8 mins 1 secs Jenny shares the origin story of SheBiz three decades earlier and what got her started opening up a computer shop in Gore.

11 mins 45 secs Expanding the team through the family and local software partners.

12 mins 47 secs How Lisa learnt software coding during the Christchurch earthquakes and rewrote the software.

14 mins 12 secs The gender barriers starting the business.

16 mins 20 secs The double entry accounting problem with Xero and MYOB and why industry specific software continues to address the industry complexities.

17 mins 42 secs The life of a livestock agent.

20 mins 7 secs Doing keyword research so that SheBiz can appear on organic search results.

21 mins 46 secs The types of customers who work with SheBiz.

24 mins 52 secs The comprehensive reporting that the big companies rely on for commission reports, agent performance, animal types and budgeting.

27 mins 48 secs The pricing model.

30 mins 30 secs The best time of year to transfer across to SheBiz.

31 mins 48 secs Getting a remote demo and training from SheBiz anywhere in New Zealand.

34 mins 5 secs Joining New Zealand Made.

36 mins 8 secs The support you'll get.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
Listen to uniquely Kiwi business stories contributing to New Zealand's future. Hosted by Ryan Jennings - Buy New Zealand Made Chief Executive.