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Gerwyn Jones - Pelgar International

Gerwyn Jones - Pelgar International


What do you spray on a natural crop to keep the pests away? That has been a local source of frustration in New Zealand for hort and pest control…because many are toxic.

New Zealand and Australia are big markets for Pelgar and food producers and growers are demanding less toxic or less harmful products according to Pelgar's Asia Pac Manager Gerwyn Jones.

"We’ve seen a change with people looking for NZ Grown and NZ Made products and we thought, ‘why not’ there’s a demand for it.”

“With Covid, we’ve got issues with supply chains, I think everyone has, trying to get products into the country. Shipping products from the UK, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand is taking longer.”

“I thought why not produce a locally grown product in Hawke’s Bay with natural pyrethrum for the pest control and horticulture industry.”

Natural pyrethrum is the answer, yet until two years ago, a New Zealand Grown source wasn't available.

Now it is, thanks to Greg Duncan at Pyrethrum New Zealand in Hawke's Bay, and Pelgar is meeting the demand with NZ Grown pyrethrum that isn't at risk from costly shipping via international and variable supply chains.

Horticulture and pest control now have a locally grown pyrethrum sources thanks to Pelgar. New Zealand Grown chrysanthemum has some magical properties that Gerwyn Jones from PelGar International spotted could make it an ideal natural alternative to some of the existing in-market options.

Ryan Jennings speaks with Asia Pacific Business Manager Gerwyn Jones about the company and the possibilities this new insecticide will bring for New Zealand horticulture and agriculture sectors.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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