A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
Elizabeth & Mark Stolten | Flexo 076

Elizabeth & Mark Stolten | Flexo 076

Flexo transforms two dimensional brick play with Lego into a three dimensional canvas. Mark shares the light bulb moment and Elizabeth shares what it meant for her. This is a truly magic chat with two inventors, passionate about the possibilities this brings to young minds.

Every teacher should listen to this and get Flexo for their classroom.



Flexpert set


2 mins 15 secs Investing in IP, the investment that's required and deciding whether to licence to an expert in distribution or going it alone.

3 mins 40 secs The fixed brick industry and why Flexo's strategy enhances the fixed brick industry dominated by Lego.

4 mins 34 secs Why can't we make brick construction flexible? ...and the lightbulb moment at a physiotherapist session and what an olympic athlete brought to the idea.

7 mins 18 secs Think and build anything - what the invention made possible for Lego nights with Flexo.

8 mins 10 secs When Ryan first realised the true potential of Flexo.

9 min 52 secs What the Lego shows taught Elizabeth and Mark.

13 mins 1 secs Creating in three dimensional space and how it's different from two dimensions.

15 mins 25 secs What the community brings to Flexo and creating a WOW dress using 42,000 pieces.

20 mins 25 secs Why innovation takes time to win over the market and the six decade journey for Lego that relies on STEM and an educational journey.

24 mins 52 secs Partnerships and international marketplaces to grow the Flexo marketplace including the 'Funraising' Flexo product pack into schools.

34 mins 5 secs What advanced Lego makers think of Flexo.

39 mins 47 secs Where Flexo is available, the retail model and getting Flexo known with kids.

47 mins 10 secs The experience of getting the Flexo Inventor set.

56 mins 31 secs What the toymakers say and what makes great people and the ability to play and adapt and go through pain and learning to achieve mastery.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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