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Dustin Brattle - dZine Signs | 083

Dustin Brattle - dZine Signs | 083

Dustin talks about the family-owned business DZine Signs. From the birth of the company in 1997 through industry changes and into today’s sustainability-focused market.

We also talk about a key transport contract with Metlink Wellington, which has enabled dZine to create signs that work better with our built environment, help passengers get from A to B during disruption and shift dZine Signs into permanent signs with remote controlled messaging that can update at the press of a key.

Digital transformation is here and it’s affecting every industry and companies like dZine Signs are at the forefront.

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DZine Signs


2:25 DZine Signs as a one stop shop

5:09 Transportation wayfinding signage

10:09 The birth of DZine Signs

10:48 Changes to the industry

11:55 Advice for businesses looking to re-brand

17:30 DZine Signs is a family-oriented business

19:50 Sustainable signage

23:05 Metlink signage

26:53 Joining NZ Made

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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