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A Kiwi Original
Dean Welten | Everlink 070

Dean Welten | Everlink 070

Dean Welten shares how their Everlink software helps manage the diesel fuel needs of heavy transport and logistics operators throughout New Zealand.

With over 100 million litres in flow at any given time, it's no small feat, however Dean already has his eye on Australia. This is a company in growth mode who are hiring right now.


Everlink - Diesel Fuel Management Systems


4 mins 8 secs The business problems that Everlink products solves to manage 100 million litres of fuel in New Zealand.

5 mins 45 secs Designing products that work 24 hours a day that rely on self diagnostics for self healing systems.

9 mins 55 secs What's different about the commercial fuel market, filling bulk tanks that fill engines for heavy transports.

11 mins 55 secs Real time tracking of fuel data that helps businesses plan their fuel needs and helps Everlink update their NZ Code software remotely.

15 mins 30 secs Technology that's adaptable to 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and satellite.

16 mins 31 secs The Everlink NZ Code headquarters.

17 mins 3 secs Everlink is hiring and what you'll need to when you come in and what you'll need to learn.

22 mins 25 secs Dean's origin story.

25 mins 28 secs How Dean's dyslexia condition transformed into a superpower.

30 mins 34 secs Balancing working hard on your passion with leading a team.

32 mins 33 secs The importance of NZ Code to Everlink.

36 mins 3 secs The growth from the Australian market and how closed borders have required Everlink to adapt.

38 mins 2 secs The future beyond diesel, alternative energy management and the software that will drive the future of liquid technology monitoring.

39 mins 58 secs Managing New Zealand's water resources through technology.

43 mins 45 secs How sales have grown for Everlink and the importance of product demos.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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