Mar 15, 2021

Chris Holt & Ronnie Holt - Accent Group | 089

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Chris Holt talks about moving into starting his own business after 21 years and what happened next. Office furniture was one of many product ranges in the 90's and when they realised this could be a solid line of business they began to specialise.

You may not have heard of Accent because they've never sold direct and only sold branded product from 2012. 1,800 desks and cabinetry supplied. Accent has serious skill.

In the second half of the episode, Ronnie Holt shares what he's working on with the team to bond the operations team with the sales team including an Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) that helps with alignment. They also talk about how they give back to people in need via the Rapid Relief Team where Police are going into difficult situations and are able to give back thanks to Accent.

There’s some excellent lessons in here about commitment to client, getting internal alignment and keeping deadlines.


01:45 Chris Holt – The origin of Accent

05:59 A shift in the company's focus

10:06 The relationship with the reseller

12:36 The right attitude

16:04 What the future holds for Accent

17:17 Ronnie Holt – A typical week at Accent

19:15 The vision for Accent

23:04 The process

30:23 Adapting to a post-pandemic market

33:38 Giving back to the community