A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
Chris Hilder | Kaffelogic 072

Chris Hilder | Kaffelogic 072

Today I speak with Chris Hilder the inventor and chief programmer of Kaffelogic - a home coffee roaster to get the perfectly roasted beans for your morning brew.

Chris believes that we will all eventually roast our own beans at home, as a natural progression for those who currently buy coffee beans. A NZ Made home appliance in 2020? Chris makes it sound easy.




2 mins 6 secs The layers of the home bean roasting market.

4 mins 58 secs The green coffee bean and the history of coffee roasting.

9 mins 25 secs Controlling through the roast process when coffee will be at its best to drink.

11 min 9 secs What coffee roasters think of Kaffelogic.

12 mins 2 secs Getting into roasting your own coffee beans in the home, the 12 roasting profiles available in the Kaffelogic machine and why altitudes matter to bean density and roast times.

15 mins 4 secs The exporting reach of Kaffelogic across 20 countries and the sharing of information online about the product and the challenge of getting Kaffelogic in to the mainstream.

17 mins 50 secs From hobby project to commercialisation with the manufacturing done locally in Dunedin, New Zealand.

20 mins 15 secs A low point in the inventors journey.

23 mins 15 secs When Kaffelogic joined NZCode and the layers to the software.

26 min 37 secs Where to see the Kaffeelogic working and purchase.

28 mins 27 secs Creating a New Zealand Made appliance.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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