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A Kiwi Original
Brian McFarlane | Rheem 078

Brian McFarlane | Rheem 078

In this episode, Ryan speaks with Rheem Marketing Manager Brian McFarlane on New Zealand's need to train up plumbers for the demand in housing, what you need to know about gas vs electric systems and his plans to bring back the catchy classic 'Install A Rheem' jingle!

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2 mins 35 secs Rheem's history and accommodation low and high pressure hot water systems in New Zealand for the last 50 years.

6 mins 55 secs Balancing growing the install base with managing the existing base of customers.

10 mins 37 secs Gas vs electric systems and why electric might be the greener option.

18 mins 58 secs What specifiers and installers need to know and the closeness of the plumbing community.

20 mins 35 secs Getting enough plumbers for New Zealand's needs.

25 mins 25 secs Some of the big products Rheem does for unique hot water needs like universities and hospitals.

29 mins 41 secs Install a Rheem ad and the marketing focus of Rheem on 2020.

33 mins 25 secs Why most people don't think about Rheem hot water cylinders, because once it's installed it works for decades.

36 mins 59 secs Why Brian joined Rheem after moving to New Zealand from South Africa.

41 mins 15 secs The experience, knowledge and culture at Rheem.

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A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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