A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
Ben Gleissner | CoGo 075

Ben Gleissner | CoGo 075

Today on the show I'm joined by CoGo Founder and CEO Ben Gleissner to talk sustainable living made easy. Ben talks about the purpose of the CoGo app and the potential impact for global behavioural change that's good for people and for business.

CoGo is a company going places with a real-time carbon footprint tracker that connects what your good intentions are to your *actual* actions through open banking.


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2 mins 48 secs What matters to Kiwis and how CoGo motivates towards good behaviours like waste minimisation, supporting community initiatives and shopping local.

3 mins 58 secs 70% of people want to support and buy New Zealand made products.

4 mins 24 secs Ben's origin story and Ben's observation on what changes behaviour.

7 mins 12 secs The purpose of the CoGo app and how it works.

11 mins 56 secs The evolution in CoGo in the last 5 years, removing friction and the opportunities that open banking enables.

15 mins 2 secs Ryan sharing his experience using CoGo and the insights that users can expect.

19 mins 1 secs Behavioural change and why it's difficult and how CoGo is overcoming it.

25 mins 15 secs The CoGo unique approach to promoting the businesses who use its platform.

27 mins 12 secs SCOOP: The plan to exit the company - and why the people who use the platform are key to it.

31 mins 15 secs The international growth strategy and the investment path to make it happen.

36 mins 45 secs We talk about connecting CoGo with NZMade.

41 mins 19 secs The CoGo team of 37 and growing.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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