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A Kiwi Original
Anne-Marie Sutton - Hally Labels | 085

Anne-Marie Sutton - Hally Labels | 085

Anne-Marie talks about the ways in which Hally Labels interacts with their customers and discusses modern labelling solutions including the shift to intelligent labels, and enhanced environmental label standards.

“We are helping customers portray their brand, their passion and their product on the packaging. We get a chance to work with customers closely and share their enthusiasm and passion for their products. That’s a really good part of the job.” Anne-Marie Sutton - Hally Labels.

Anne-Marie knows her product specifications, label treatment types and when to use what packaging styles. Hally Labels has had production capability in New Zealand since 1965 and Australia since 1998. Our chat took place at Hally Express in Auckland - their specialist production site when a fast turnaround is critical to supporting New Zealand manufacturing.


01:03 Hally Labels’ place in the industry

02:28 Collaboration with the customer

08:43 Trends within the industry

10:28 Facilitating product security through labelling

18:08 Hally Express & digital labelling solutions

23:05 Hally Labels' products in the wild

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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