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A Kiwi Original
Sophie Cooper - Ahhh... Bodycare | 081

Sophie Cooper - Ahhh... Bodycare | 081

Sophie discusses her business Ahhh Bodycare including what she's learnt after acquiring the manufacturing part of the business off of her employer. Sophie also shares the key insights her team taught her about how to make bath bombs, and the ways Sophie is getting Ahhh premium soaps out to market including going from contract manufacturing to direct to consumer with their own brand called Ahhh. We also discuss why she joined New Zealand made initially and the difference it’s made.

Love this chat with Sophie about what she loves doing and hope you will too.


Ahhh... Bodycare

3.39        What Sophie learnt about manufacturing

8.02        The benefits of solid form moisturisers

8.56        The secret to making a great Lip Balm

8.58        Getting products out to market, getting sales and traction

11.52     Why Sophie joined NZ Made

14.38     Her advice for starting a business

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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