A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Toby Skilton | Mutu 057

A Kiwi Original - Toby Skilton | Mutu 057

Mutu is a sharing platform that could one day be doing more trades per day than TradeMe. That's the vision. We look at what you could share from your garage, as well as the opportunity for Kiwi businesses looking to rent spare inventory. Toby also shares where the idea came from and the importance of joy to the Mutu experience. Toby's got a huge amount of passion about making a positive change to how we access the goods we need without having to own so much stuff. Well worth a listen.


Mutu Sharing Platform

2 mins 36 secs The renters and the lenders on Mutu to search, compare and locate an item.

4 mins 17 secs What might you share via the Mutu platform and the benefits you receive for sharing.

6 mins 36 secs Why we have a funny relationship with stuff we own.

10 mins 11 secs What market research Toby did before getting Mutu started and why there's demand for power tools and kitchen appliances.

11 mins 59 secs have we reached peak consumption and will leasing and sharing replace it?

13 mins 45 secs What John Lewis has has done in the UK to incorporate leasing and hiring furniture for millennials and Gen Z who want access without ownership.

19 mins 15 secs Why building a marketplace is difficult and why Christchurch is first.

22 mins 27 secs The joy of sharing your treasured goods with people who you want to experience that joy too.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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