A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Sue de Bievvre & the Beany team | Beany 066

A Kiwi Original - Sue de Bievvre & the Beany team | Beany 066

Beany started with Sue's vision to halve the cost of accounting for Kiwi business owners through technology. Now with over 1,000 Kiwi businesses on the books, the Beany team have created their next piece of software magic with 'Wealthier' - a Xero Integration that enables you to set goals that promise to make you (and your business) a whole lot better off.

Sue is joined on this podcast by CTO John Curtis and CMO Ryan Judd as we cover a range of topics including the Beany service bundle, the future of open banking and the potential for automated advisory services.





3 mins 15 secs Halving the cost of accounting to business owners through technology. The idea that started Sue's vision for Beany.

4 mins 18 secs Why John Curtis joined Beany as CTO.

5 mins 19 secs How Ryan Judd attracts small business customers to Beany who are brand new to accounting.

6 mins 1 secs The Beany Wealthier tool. What it does and beyond Xero to provide business owners value.

7 mins 56 secs The experience through Covid as the demand for accounting skyrocketed so businesses could see their cash runway.

10 mins 3 secs Why Beany goes beyond financial statement, tax statements and GST returns to give real, actionable advice to their clients.

10 mins 49 secs The future of automated advisory with the help of machine learning.

12 mins 35 secs Open Banking in New Zealand, getting customers raw data, providing better insights from financial arrangements on top of it and creating a single financial dashboard across multiple banks.

17 mins 42 secs Why you can't build a big company without technology.

19 mins 36 secs Why Beany is looking for digital savvy customers.

21 mins 5 secs Scaling up high quality content.

22 mins 9 secs Helping New Zealand businesses being more prosperous and the opportunity for us to help each through the software we code in New Zealand.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
Listen to uniquely Kiwi business stories contributing to New Zealand's future. Hosted by Ryan Jennings - Buy New Zealand Made Chief Executive.