Mar 30, 2020 • 48M

A Kiwi Original - Stu Wilson | Modica Group 008

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Stu Wilson is the CEO of Modica Group - an intelligent messaging service that sits behind New Zealand's largest companies.

Think banking, airlines, insurance, doctors and dentists. All those text reminders that over 4 million Kiwis receive from our biggest companies are made possible because of Modica Group.

That's how they got started in New Zealand at least...since then their platform reaches every device on the planet through customers in 18 countries.

I ask Stu how he got started in tech (and it's not what you might think) as we talk about the first web to text platform he built way back in 1997.

We also talk about the benefits that New Zealand's tech sector brings to exporting services and why New Zealand can be proud that our tech sector is worth north of $11 billion with almost $8n from technology export businesses.

Lastly we talk about building a meaningful company culture and what that means to the 50+ people he employs, their families and what it means for him personally.