A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Steve Nathan | TimeHub 036

A Kiwi Original - Steve Nathan | TimeHub 036

Steve Nathan - Founder and CEO of Timehub shares how he’s helping Kiwi businesses save money through better timesheet management. We discuss his second software service goes beyond simply ticking boxes for visitor logs. Lastly Steve shares why he’s riding high on the return to localism.


3 mins 16 secs Software is in Steve’s blood and why he’s taking an organic approach to growth.

4 mins 28 secs Steve’s multi-channel approach to getting the TimeHub message out there.

6 min 2 secs Making sure employees are getting paid correctly through TimeHub.

7 mins 8 secs Talking to people who have the problem has created a software solution for time and attendance that truly works for Kiwi companies like beehive companies!

9 mins 24 secs Why companies in hospitality, engineering, farming, horticulture and manufacturing sector are using TimeHub to ensure compliance with the Employment Relations Act, Holidays Act and the Health & Safety Employment Act.

11 mins 6 secs Selecting a Kiosk solution for visitor logs that save companies money.

13 mins 34 secs Why Steve didn’t build a Covid app and instead went down the visitor management and safety route.

15 mins 11 secs How Instant messaging enabled kiosk solutions have increased effective communication of visitor arrival.

17 mins 27 secs The feature list of visitor management and how construction is using it to ensure different visitors are treated differently.

20 mins 6 secs Extra features and use cases that TimeHub delivers that few other platforms have considered.

21 mins 16 secs How TimeHub has evolved the compliance layer to a value add solution for reputation management that starts at the office management.

24 mins 30 secs What it’s like wearing multiple hats in a small business and where Steve got help with the software programming layer and the back office activities.

29 mins 24 secs MyTimesheets pricing starting at $2.99 per employee per month that helps save a company $30-50pm per employee.

34 mins 31 secs What changed due to Covid-19 in TimeHub’s client base.

41 mins 32 secs Is NZ Made an investment or a cost? Steve’s message to Kiwi businesses and what he’s hearing from customers “I want to deal with New Zealand businesses.”


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A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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