Oct 27, 2020 • 54M

A Kiwi Original - Shawn Beck | Skinny Fizz 060

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Hi I'm Ryan Jennings and this is episode 60 of A Kiwi Original - uniquely Kiwi stories contributing to New Zealand's future. Today I'm joined by Shawn Beck Founder of Skinny Fizz, a company who is taking on the multi-nationals with a delicious sparkling water flavoured with real fruit and none of the bad stuff.


Skinny Fizz Drinks


2 mins 12 secs Shawn Beck's origins that led him on the journey to start Skinny Fizz.

3 mins 27 secs Why American carrots didn't fare too well next to New Zealand's and the parallels to sparkling water.

5 mins 22 secs Shawn's mission to change the world for the better through Skinny Fizz.

10 mins 44 secs The difficulties of starting out and the importance of focus.

14 mins 45 secs Why the drinks called Skinny Fizz and why there's no added sugar, preservatives or anything bad for you.

18 mins 52 secs The David and Goliath battle in beverages globally.

25 mins 1 secs The challenges of beating incumbents and why Shawn's relying on his career of experience.

32 mins 5 secs The mission for growth, the need to create a volume business and peoples reaction to the drink.

33 mins 28 secs When the word spreads.

35 mins 18 secs The benefits of not owning plant and warehousing and instead investing in people.

36 mins 1 secs Getting to Melbourne and the United States.

40 mins 27 secs Getting introduced to Lila Ma at Manudy as part of the Buy New Zealand Made Group.