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A Kiwi Original - Shanan Holm | iQualify 067

A Kiwi Original - Shanan Holm | iQualify 067

Shanan Holm is Executive Director and CTO at iQualify, a learning management system that helps subject matter experts create engaging courses that deliver outcomes.

We cover the origin story of iQualify and why its Open Polytechnic roots gave it a unique lens to address learner needs and how Shanan and their team balances development priorities when deciding what to code next. We also discuss how iQualify helps organisations commercialise intellectual property in a scalable consulting model and why that could be the next big thing according to Shanan.


Learning Management System iQualify

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2 mins 40 secs SaaS learning platform designed for anyone to create courses to training in front of learners.

5 mins 38 secs Customers using iQualify from Open Polytechnic for vocational education, tertiary education, distance learning organisations, secondary schools and business departments such as HR.

7 mins 51 secs How do you take subject matter experts through a process where a quality course is created and a learning outcome is delivered.

9 mins 45 secs Bite sized chunks of learning that deliver business productivity.

11 mins 42 secs Figuring out what employees need and delivering top-up learning as its needed.

14 mins 42 secs The LMS ecosystem and how the Open Polytechnic angle gave iQualify them a unique perspective on course learning and learners.

18 mins 44 secs Balancing priorities. Shipping code on the daily and prioritising new feature updates with a third based on real customer data usage, a third on customers that didn't convert and a third from what next years market might need.

21 mins 29 secs Enabling people to create a business around what they know.

23 mins 51 secs How intellectual property could be undervalued and why it could be something to commercialise via a scalable elearning consulting model.

26 mins 5 secs What iQualify did to help organisation by letting them using iQualify for free during Covid.

28 mins 36 secs Remote first tooling for teams and why video is always on by default.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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