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A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Scottie Chapman | Spring Sheep 049

A Kiwi Original - Scottie Chapman | Spring Sheep 049

Scottie Chapman is a fifth generation sheep and beef farmer turned sheep milk exporter who is on a mission to bring the goodness of New Zealand sheep milk to the world. Two megatrends Spring Sheep are capitalising on is the demand for nutritious infant formula milk products from people who have digestive issues with dairy and moving New Zealand beyond 'peak cow'.


Spring Sheep

The science behind sheep milk


2 mins 25 secs Spring Sheep Milk Co is bringing the goodness of New Zealand sheep milk to the world and the fast growth in alternative milk globally.

3 mins 46 secs Setting up Spring Sheep and the $2bn opportunity.

4 mins 35 secs The New Zealand context and the farm conversions from cows to sheep milk for farmers under environmental pressures.

6 mins 31 secs The passion of farming and the opportunity for dairy farmers to continue their lifestyle with sheep milk while increasing farm profitability in the face of intensifying environmental regulations.

8 mins 8 secs Market entry to Taiwan, Vietnam and Malaysia and going where the was established understanding of alternative dairy nutrition products.

9 mins 23 secs The clinical trials that proved sheep and goats are more digestible than cows milk and why that matters for people that can't digest cow milk including almost 50% of the Asian market.

11 mins 25 secs Cross border eCommerce and why it levels the playing field.

15 mins 10 secs Why breast is best and the support that infant formula provides especially for infants that have digestive issues.

16 mins 29 secs Getting through Covid and why demand increased as China stocked up.

17 mins 55 secs Relationship building, using data and going on gut feel.

18 mins 38 secs The support from agri-business, MPI and New Zealand Inc, moving away from peak cow and the good news from new industries that are good for the consumers and fantastic for New Zealand jobs and the New Zealand environment.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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