A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Scott & Heather Pearson | Calm Pipe 064

A Kiwi Original - Scott & Heather Pearson | Calm Pipe 064

Heather and Scott share their favourite CalmPipe flavours, why it's more than simply an alternative to smoking and what the spark was that started their entrepreneurial journey.


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2 mins 46 secs How CalmPipe emerged from the embers of a Colorado bushfire.

4 mins 20 secs Removing the harm from smoking with CalmPipe.

5 mins 43 secs Quiting smoking with CalmPipe by maintaining the 'hand to mouth' habit without the nicotine habit.

6 mins 27 secs The flavour profiles available.

8 mins 47 secs The design of the pipe and why it's a lot more than what our grandfathers had.

9 mins 44 secs How the turbines work in a similar way to Swiss watches.

12 mins 58 secs How Kiwis are using CalmPipe.

15 mins 31 secs The different styles.

17 mins 0 secs Pricing.

20 mins 5 secs A potential mindfulness solution for anxiety and anxious people during Covid.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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