A Kiwi Original - Rose Voice | Real Dog Food Company 026


Rigorously tested dog equipment that lasts is what you get with the Real Dog Company. That’s because founder Rose Voice has fine tuned all the equipment details on her on sled dogs, some of the strongest and toughest dogs you’ll encounter anywhere!

In this episode, Rose Voice shares her business journey with the Kiwi Original audience.


4 mins 36 secs About the Real Dog Company.

6 mins 3 secs The first products that Real Dog got started with.

8 mins 24 secs How dogs use dog backpacks.

9 mins 54 secs How local scarcity of locally made dog products created the opportunity for Real Dog.

11 mins 1 secs Getting products to market and how its evolved since Real Dog got started.

12 mins 55 secs Facebook ad targeting that converts into sales for dog owners.

13 mins 57 secs The consumer shift to NZ Made since Covid-19.

16 mins 2 secs What Nigel (Rose’s husband) brings to the business.

17 mins 47 secs The durability of Real Dog products and what components they rely on.

19 mins 2 secs What farming customers say about Real Dog.

21 mins 31 secs Balancing work with lifestyle.

25 mins 1 secs Domestic tourism - go on the Husky Dog experience and get close contact with the dogs.

27 mins 6 secs Growing rural communities through eCommerce businesses.


The Real Dog Company