A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Peter Cox | Harraways 010

A Kiwi Original - Peter Cox | Harraways 010

In this episode we go back over 150 years to settler times in New Zealand as Peter Cox shares the origin story of Harraway's. We compare and contrast that to how the producer operates today and the current brand evolution that Peter is driving on behalf of the iconic brand.

If you're interested in New Zealand's rich history as a food producing nation or run an FMCG brand of you're own, then this is a must listen.


3 mins 57 secs The history of Harraways oats in Otago and Southland in the 19th century.

5 mins 01 secs When the Hudson family bought in, who continue to be involved.

5 mins 50 secs When Harraways stopped making flour in the mid 2000’s to focus on oats.

7 mins 59 secs Peter’s expertise as an FMCG marketer applied to Harraway’s/

10 mins 8 secs Harraway’s product innovations

14 mins 3 secs Core consumer psychographics including the millenial as the largest shopping group.

16 mins 28 secs Wholesome ingredients that minimises additives and preservatives.

19 mins 00 secs The Harraway’s brand refresh project.

24 mins 02 secs Getting oats into more parts of the day.

27 mins 10 secs Company driven innovation vs customer driven innovation.

29 mins 49 secs Buying more land.

31 mins 12 secs Stock up buying during Covid-19 sees 50% YoY demand spike.

37 mins 32 secs Being kind and patient with retailers during lockdown.

38 mins 08 secs Peter’s favourite oat recipe - the ANZAC cookie.


ANZAC Cookies recipe:


Harraways Instagram For Recipes


A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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