A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Peri Drysdale | Untouched World 058

A Kiwi Original - Peri Drysdale | Untouched World 058

Peri and I talk about the shifts in New Zealand apparel over the last two decades, how face masks have helped spread the brand values of Untouched World and what sustainable fabrics are bringing to garment innovation including what we can expect next.

We also talk about why new apparel in every new Instagram post has become uncool and how the Untouched World foundation is helping young adults to find the leader within at just the right time.





3 mins 11 secs Retail planning during Covid and the lack of visibility.

4 min 58 secs When luxury product spend happens during the year.

5 mins 47 secs Why Peri was amazed with the support from New Zealanders during 2020 that's helped keep Untouched World in good shape.

7 mins 34 secs The 'causal-isation' of wardrobes brought about by remote working.

8 mins 6 secs Why new apparel for new Instagram posts have become uncool.

9 mins 47 secs Getting Callaghan Innovation involved to manufacture face masks in New Zealand and using face masks to find their way into the hearts of minds of a broader group of Kiwis.

11 mins 18 secs What to look for when buying face masks and the engineering of face mask fit.

12 mins 51 secs Introducing new fabrics from new materials like soya-bean and aloe vera as the latest innovation chapter by Untouched World.

16 mins 13 secs Fabrics for lifestyle wardrobes that tick the boxes of sustainability to protect our environment.

18 mins 55 secs Apparel manufacturing as a career and why it can be so rewarding.

25 mins 11 secs The merino mink brand and how it connects with the desires of a demographic as a marketing approach.

26 mins 17 secs How markets mature and trends evolve.

29 mins 45 secs What to wear for virtual meetings.

31 mins 32 secs Leadership programmes that make a difference beyond the reach of the Untouched World company to open the eyes of young adults and help them find the leader inside them.

36 mins 40 secs Getting accepted to the Untouched World Foundation programmes.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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