A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Ollie Law | Bushman Tours 021

A Kiwi Original - Ollie Law | Bushman Tours 021

Ollie is two years ahead on domestic tourism that gets Kiwis discovering parts of New Zealand they’ve heard about but perhaps don’t know how to find. While all Kiwis know their own backyard near their own town, Bushman Tours can introduce you to the secret parts of the parts of New Zealand you might not know as well.


3 mins 16 secs Creating domestic tourism solutions Kiwis actually want.

5 mins 32 secs Visiting corners of New Zealands Kiwis have heard about but don’t know how to get to.

9 mins 8 secs Doing the numbers on domestic tourism and why Ollie is bullish on their adventures.

9 mins 56 secs The pig hunt experience.

18 mins 7 secs Getting Kiwis involved with the experience through adventures that contribute to sustainability and adds the environment.

23 mins 25 secs The experience for 50+ adventurers who might usually go overseas for the winter.

28 mins 44 secs Ollies’ passion which came from watching The Crocodile at his grandparents.

34 mins 06 secs What success looks like for New Zealand tourism through the bushman’s knowledge.

37 mins 28 secs Starting a career at Bushman Tours (and yes they’re hiring)

40 mins 08 secs Ollie’s message for New Zealand tourism in 2020.


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A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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