A Kiwi Original - Nicola Knobel | My Inner Creative 020


This week Ryan talks to blogger, YouTuber and creative Nicola Knobel. Nicola founded My Inner Creative to combine her love of planning with her love of creativity. From budgeting to birthday cards, planners to parties, Nicola shares her creative energy with the world through a variety of platforms.


3 mins 48 secs Making Rainbows through lockdowns with ‘Vanda-lettering’

4 mins 42 secs Why Ryan sends photos of rainbows.

8 mins 30 secs Balancing parenthood, workload and the Inner Creative side-hustle.

21 mins 35 secs Why Nicola thinks of success in terms of impact not money.

25 mins 43 secs We talk Instagram tactics.

33 mins 50 secs What do to when Instagram gets unmanageable and the importance of scheduling.


My Inner Creative