A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Nick Davenport | Lanaco 053

A Kiwi Original - Nick Davenport | Lanaco 053

**Covid-19 Face Masks Special Edition**

Lanaco had been developing air filtration media for a decade when Covid hit at the beginning of 2020. In this special episode I speak with Nick about Lanaco has geared up this year. We talk about protecting the lives of New Zealanders, why a sustainable and environmentally friendly mask material is so important in our new world and the initiative Lanaco and NZ Made undertook to protect New Zealanders through the community mask initiative.


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2 mins 27 secs The origins of Lanaco filter media starting in 2010 to build wool into an air filter media for air quality particularly Asia, Europe and North America.

4 mins 20 secs Nick's background in industrial marketing and manufacturing and helping NZ wool manufacturers get globally competitive as a personal pivot away from his plastics polymer expertise.

6 mins 3 secs The narrowing of the focus to health solutions and respiratory filtration.

7 mins 1 secs The science and engineering expertise for making air filtration media and Lanaco's unique position.

8 mins 27 secs When Lanaco realised that New Zealand was going to need to get protected to reduce the transmission of Covid-19.

9 mins 50 sec Making product close to its source and the community mask making project.

12 mins 20 secs January 2020 - How Cactus Outdoor got to market first with face masks and then the evolution from there.

13 mins 13 secs April 2020 - Reducing community transmission and how everyone got in behind it to get 10 companies sewing face masks.

17 mins 18 secs The cultural change New Zealand is going through to adopting face masks and what to do to minimise your risks.

18 mins 16 secs Choosing a good face mask, wearing it effectively and why breathability is so important.

20 mins 30 secs Looking after New Zealanders first, the different future we face with Covid-19 and the importance of face masks that are made from a sustainable, renewable source.

22 mins 10 secs What the shift means for New Zealand wool farmers, making profitable farming for wool again and investing in the scientific breeding programme.

24 mins 32 secs The intellectual property that Lanaco has created to keep out sub-micron particles between 100 and 300 nano metres and at a high efficiency rate.

26 mins 32 secs Nick talking about Buy New Zealand Made as a model to adopt and take forward.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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