A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Nathan Roper | Horizon International 068

A Kiwi Original - Nathan Roper | Horizon International 068

Today I speak with Nathan Roper from paving company Horizon International. Every product tells a story, even the paving stones under our feet in 90% of New Zealand's cities thanks to Horizon International. Nathan got started in the paving business young, thanks to his Dad. Now they're supplying pavers to Australia and beyond.



2 mins 24 secs 3,000 square metres of paving going into K Road in Auckland and what goes into designing the built environment.

3 mins 30 secs Getting longevity out of pavers

4 mins 5 secs The investment they made that transformed the pavers that Horizon could make in New Zealand.

5 mins 35 secs What it takes to make a thousand pavers a day and what it means for New Zealand local councils, builders and specifiers.

6 mins 25 secs The Taupo examples - sourcing local aggregate from a region in NZ and making pavers to return back to the same area.

7 mins 21 secs Exporting pavers into Australia and the Pacific Islands.

9 mins 15 secs The difference between imported stone and NZ Made stone and when a blend is recommended.

10 mins 1 secs Paving Craggy Range winery.

13 mins 45 secs Landscaping as a way to get a return on your property investment, choosing a paver colour and picking the right paver size.

15 mins 49 secs How Nathan got into paving from a young age in the family business.

18 mins 3 secs The beauty that comes with paving and why 90% of Kiwi towns rely on paving from Horizon International.

18 mins 57 secs Looking for local options for local and central government procurement.

21 mins 45 secs Why it can pay off to source your pavers from a company that has a nationwide network of installers.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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