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A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Michael Carden | JoyousHQ 046

A Kiwi Original - Michael Carden | JoyousHQ 046

Michael Carden is CEO for JoyousHQ, an organisation that specialises in enterprise grade feedback software that sparks action through conversations not surveys.



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2 mins 40 secs What large organisations do with surveys and the limitations with closed loop anonymous feedback.

4 mins 48 secs How feedback really works within the organisation and the importance of micro-feedback to close the loop via micro conversations.

6 mins 5 secs Why micro feedback can drive an organisation.

7 mins 52 secs The JoyousHQ product vision to create an environment where people feel comfortable giving and receiving feedback, and what are the psychological foundations to make this happen in an organisation.

11 mins 11 secs Providing guidelines to make sure feedback is received adequately and the concept of the equivalency of effort in feedback.

13 mins 35 secs The limitation of other enterprise software that assumes people work in offices when the reality is 70% of people don't work in offices.

15 mins 22 secs Learning from the JoyousHQ insights across enterprise organisations.

16 mins 45 secs Employees don't really care for anonymity, they are concerned that people treat their feedback seriously.

17 mins 54 secs The live feed of feedback that JoyousHQ provides that gets the senior management team reconnected with the front line staff.

22 mins 6 secs Michael Carden's journey of building tech businesses, why he started JoyousHQ for the large enterprise and making life better for working people by giving everyone a voice.

24 mins 23 secs Working with the worlds largest companies with 1,000+ staff.

25 mins 35 secs Covid as the great business development leveller, being a product led business and skewing to being engineering led not sales led.

30 mins 47 secs Creating a new category of enterprise software based on

31 mins 46 secs How to take action as an enterprise to affect performance and outcomes and how machine learning can start to understand the causal pathways to employee engagement.

32 mins 50 secs Work is called work... it's not called awesome.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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