A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Lisa Portas | Palliser Ridge 051

A Kiwi Original - Lisa Portas | Palliser Ridge 051

Lisa is the Expansion Manager and Director at Palliser Ridge - a farm story of diversification that now includes direct to consumer eCommerce sales. Lisa shares how she is applying her brand experience to Palliser Ridge to create compelling wool and honey products as well as accommodation experiences from their stunning location with views over Kaikoura.



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2 mins 10 secs Getting into farming at Palliser Ridge and beginning to diverse the farming asset.

3 mins 58 secs Identifying skills, creating a business plan, gaining consensus and ensuring that new products complement the core asset.

7 mins 21 secs The off-grid accommodation with stunning views over Kaikoura for Wellingtonian’s who want to get away from the city.

9 mins 55 secs Applying what Lisa knew about brands and what she wanted to create at Palliser Ridge now operates.

11 mins 53 secs The renaissance of New Zealand wool, buying woollen clothing or knitting your own to bring the community together.

16 mins 6 secs The importance of traceability at Palliser Ridge.

18 mins 32 secs The continual journey towards doing better farming business for the family and for nature.

20 mins 55 secs Appearing on Country Calendar after winning the Greater Wellington winners of the Farm Environment Awards.

22 mins 21 secs Gordy - the rural delivery postman and the ecommerce logistics key to Palliser Ridge.

23 mins 37 secs What’s available on the Palliser Ridge site: https://palliserridge.co.nz

24 mins 52 secs The future plans for Palliser Ridge.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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