A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Lili Ma | Finelogy 030

A Kiwi Original - Lili Ma | Finelogy 030

Lili Ma is the founder of Finelogy, a company that is exporting manuka lollipops and lozenges internationally. In this episode Lili shares her exporting insights including the importance of packaging, why barcodes matter and what overseas buyers care about.

Lili is now helping other NZ Made producers get their product to market through the trusted connections Lili Ma has established.


3 mins 1 secs The importance of packaging when launching into a crowded market.

4 mins 15 secs The most popular lollipop flavours that Finelogy produces for domestic overseas and markets.

5 mins 15 secs The origin story of two Kiwi mums creating a children’s product that is a treat and a snack.

6 mins 31 secs When the business started in 2016 in New Zealand and how Finelogy has grown internationally through attending international organic and health shows.

8 mins 1 secs How to choose an overseas distributor.

9 mins Why Finelogy is helping other New Zealand brands launch via their distribution networks.

12 mins 35 secs Building business relationships overseas without being able to get on a plane.

14 mins 46 secs The importance of NZ Made to the Finelogy product strategy in New Zealand.

17 mins 43 secs Evolving the product flavours to satiate the demand for new products from your distributors.

19 mins 40 secs The differences between getting products on the shelf in China vs Australia

20 mins 50 secs The learning that set Lili up for success later on in life.

24 mins 2 secs The long term plan for Finelogy.

25 mins 25 secs What to be mindful of when selling NZ Made products internationally and the importance of GS1 barcodes starting with '94'.

Finelogy NZ Manuka Honey Sweets

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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