A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Kate Slavin & Felicity Morgan-Rhind | Ironclad Pan 039

A Kiwi Original - Kate Slavin & Felicity Morgan-Rhind | Ironclad Pan 039

Ironclad Pan co-founder Kate Slavin and chef extraordinaire Felicity Morgan-Rhind who creates the recipes for IronClad Pans joins us on this episode to discuss why the classic cast iron pan is the way forward for Kiwi cooks.


2 mins 1 secs Why cast iron is durable and lasts forever unlike teflon pans.

3 mins 18 secs Why Ironclad Pan’s come unseasoned and giving customers the option to season their own pan.

6 mins 53 secs Introducing Felicity Morgan-Rhind and what you can do with an Ironclad Pan that you can’t do with teflon pans. From baking tarts and brownies… making beetroot tart tartin... and why caramelised onions and bacon are amazing for seasoning your pan.

10 mins 14 secs Talking Ironclad Pan recipes after giving a pan to chef Peter Gordon.

11 mins 43 secs Kate shares the story behind starting Ironclad Pan and her goal to make peoples lives better and how she put her graphic design expertise to use.

12 mins 35 secs Prototyping of making the pan in China and why it didn’t make sense to go through with production.

14 mins 26 secs The hand poured and hand made process of making an Ironclad Pad and where the value lies for the business and for Kiwi cooks.

18 mins 51 secs The digital recipe vault that creates the ability to share family recipes.

22 mins 20 secs Is the Ironclad Pan designed for food service or home cooks?

24 mins 27 secs Why the market focus in primarily New Zealand in line with their sustainability values.

27 mins 44 secs Purchasing an Ironclad Pan and favourite recipes including stuffed fennel bread and self saucing lemon pudding available on the Ironclad Pan website.

33 mins 08 secs How Jo complements Kate’s skill in the business to keep on top of the numbers and social media.

33 mins 30 secs Felicity’s Father’s Day recipe.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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