A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Josh Comrie | Ambit 047

A Kiwi Original - Josh Comrie | Ambit 047

Conversational intelligence is at the heart of the capability that Ambit creates for the enterprise looking to 'know thy customer' at scale. In this broad ranging chat with Josh Comrie we discuss servicing large numbers of customers with 'digital employees', how Ambit delivers actionable insights from those conversations and New Zealand's preparedness for AI in the enterprise space.

A must listen for CEO's and CDO's whose business success is increasingly dependent on retaining and keeping existing customers happy.


Ambit AI

Why You Need More Digital Employees


2 mins 51 secs The business problem that Ambit solves both from a customers worldview when getting support from large companies (power companies, banks, councils and so on) and for large companies to serve customers effectively and cost efficiently.

4 mins 37 secs The historical context of buyer and seller relationships and the 'bazaar concept', what Ambit does to deliver the artificial intelligence behind the delivery of the conversation experience.

6 mins 45 secs How the organisation gets smarter and builds out different conversations based on what AI learns about customer conversations, what conversations are appropriate for bots, what conversations need hand off to humans and the ability to start simple and build from there.

8 mins 2 secs How Vector elegantly handles a complex problem in addition to peaky unexpected demand.

9 mins 37 secs How Ambit might be able to help Buy New Zealand Made.

10 mins 42 secs The challenge with a contact centre environment and how Ambit truly raises the voice of the customer even when a business receives 10,000+ calls in an hour to reveal both intent and the sentiment of the customer.

12 mins 5 secs How to handle bad news with customers, the importance of certainty and how Ambit delivers that on brand, with the right tone and in real time.

13 mins 21 secs The customer stress detection capability of Ambit.

14 mins 52 secs The buyers of Ambit, at the CEO for 200-500 seat businesses through to the CDO or CIO for 1,000+ seat businesses.

16 mins 34 secs New Zealand's preparedness for AI and organisation complexity as an enemy for innovation.

18 mins 14 secs NZ preparedness (6-7) vs overseas on a scale of 1 - 10. Australia (4), United Kingdom (6-7), United States (4-5) and Singapore (8).

19 mins 35 secs The three categories of AI.

22 mins 20 secs A brief history of AI going back to 1950's with Alan Turing who was responsible for cracking the Enigma code through to today and why we all rely on AI when we shop on Amazon or get shown a movie on Netflix.

24 mins 25 secs Why the enterprise is slower to adapt, why we are reasonably early on in market adoption and how new AI entrants between 2016 and 2018 has created some market reticence in the sector.

29 mins 30 secs How Ambit helps ACC who operate one of the largest contact centres in New Zealand.

33 mins 5 secs Inferring insights from data and why that predictive analytics area isn't something that Ambit is looking at but can be delivered by AI.


36 mins 49 secs How Josh remains focussed with his investment portfolio and the rules he relies on.

40 mins 10 secs Keeping on top of your health.

42 mins 35 secs Where insights come from.

44 mins 42 secs Thoughts on investing in New Zealand manufacturing that isn't technology centric, despite being big technology users, the Internet of Things, AI and the blockchain.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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