A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Joseph Yip | AMS 061

A Kiwi Original - Joseph Yip | AMS 061

Hi I'm Ryan Jennings and this is episode 61 of A Kiwi Original. Joseph Yip is CEO of AMS Advanced Management Systems and wants to see New Zealand create our own playbook for ways of working digitally. AMS has a broad range of workforce management, finance, rostering, HR, employee relations for large organisations that don't have the capacity to manage compliance complexities for big numbers of employees.

In this episode we explore what digital transformation means and what's possible for large government organisations to manage employee wellbeing across rosters, shifts while ensuring staff compliance on permitted work, health and safety, holidays acts.




2 mins 8 secs The profound changes of Covid and the shifts that the questions this raises for government agencies with digital transformation.

4 mins 43 secs Working from home the second time around in Auckland, the wellbeing risks vs the advantages.

8 mins 38 secs Shifting the mental mindset to shift the technology to solve business problems.

10 mins 53 secs Keeping track of people with AMS and going beyond payroll.

13 mins 3 secs Organisational design as a framework for managing large numbers of people including rosters, shifts that follows safe staffing with the right skills and permitted people doing the right things.

15 mins 15 secs Moments organisations decide to start working differently, such as a change in the Holiday's Act.

18 mins 3 secs An AMS success story.

21 mins 8 secs Why AMS promotes remote working via their offices in Australia and the Phillipines.

26 mins 55 secs Data sovereignty, privacy, security, compliance and New Zealand's personal data.

28 mins 54 secs The journey of digital transformation.

34 mins 47 secs What's stopping New Zealand government from investing in New Zealand coded software.

38 mins 15 secs The key buyer of AMS software.

43 mins 13 secs What AMS looks for when hiring New Zealand talent.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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