A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Jordan McCown | RealAML 038

A Kiwi Original - Jordan McCown | RealAML 038

RealAML helps NZ companies identify their clients without a doubt to be compliant with anti-money laundering requirements. In this episode, I talk with Jordan about why he wanted the recognition to be a NZ coded product with NZ based staff to be able to differentiate vendors who are simply reselling overseas products. That choice has enabled RealAML to capitalise on the higher level of trust Kiwis have in handing over their private data to a NZ software business.


1 mins 57 secs What RealAML does to confirm and verify identity beyond doubt.

3 mins 52 secs Reducing the compliance overhead by removing the need for clients to drive across town with their drivers licence and utility bill.

7 mins 9 secs How it works starting with a text message to the client with a link and ending with an identity match report for the business.

8 mins 48 secs The business model. Businesses absorb cost or pass it on to the client.

11 mins 32 secs Getting the first customers for identity back in March 2019 before the Facematch feature launch.

14 mins 9 secs Why RealAML wanted the recognition from New Zealand businesses that they are a NZ coded business.

15 mins 41 secs Why giving developers equity has helped RealAML retain developer talent.

17 mins 47 secs Data sovereignty - What RealAML clients want to know about where their data ends up and the importance of keeping the data in New Zealand.

19 mins 30 secs A side conversation on TikTok!

21 mins 22 secs The growth in identity checks during May to June due to Covid-19 and how Zoom helped businesses prioritise digital transformation throughout their business.

22 mins 39 secs Ryan's experience with FaceMatch.

23 mins 43 secs International partners to identify not just Kiwis but people in 13 countries including Australia, UK, China, US, Canada and Singapore.

25 mins 54 secs Jordan's passion to solve new problems and create new things and how it led to identity management through his financial expertise.

30 mins 13 secs What to do to start a company when you don't have a technology background.

31 mins 23 secs From rapid prototype to market validation to a side project then to the launch.


RealAML - Remote Identity Checks Beyond Doubt

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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