A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Jennifer Del Bel | Downlights 015

A Kiwi Original - Jennifer Del Bel | Downlights 015

In this episode I speak with Jennifer Del Bel from Downlights. A luxury fragranced, soy candle company.

Jennifer shares the change they seek to make in helping New Zealand businesses make more considered hiring decisions by shining the light on a different way of making a difference at work.

We also go deep into the science of scent and how to start a business when all the national media channels are scrambling to tell your story


2 mins 03 seconds The origin story of Downlights when Tony got Emma started making candles.

3 mins 13 seconds Creating a legacy for Tony’s three daughters.

5 mins 1 seconds Being the centre of a media firestorm, while trying to build your business.

9 mins 16 seconds The bigger change that Downlights is seeking to make in New Zealand.

12 mins 08 seconds Hiring for opportunity and for balance to build a better culture.

14 mins 52 seconds What it’s like to work in a loving and fun environment like Downlights.

18 mins 06 seconds How to use scent to create a brand memory and what Kiwi businesses can learn from Harrod’s retail experience.

25 mins 22 seconds How to start with candles in your home.

27 mins 07 seconds The uniqueness of the purple orchid fragrance.

29 mins 45 seconds Why NZ Made can’t give Downlights an NZ Made licence, even though much of the making process occurs in New Zealand.

34 mins 52 seconds Where Downlights are available.


Purple Orchid fragrance candle

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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