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A Kiwi Original - Hayden Froggatt | Mechanical Support Systems 022

A Kiwi Original - Hayden Froggatt | Mechanical Support Systems 022

The core business of Mechanical Support Systems is to supply and install reticulations systems that are the support for the cable systems that run through commercial buildings. We talk about the modular future for these cabling systems as well as the more pragmatic matter of how the construction sector is managing productivity during Covid-19.


3 mins 3 secs Corporate sponsorship with the Auckland Warriors and Covid-19.

4 mins 51 secs Adapting business development techniques from office calls to Zoom calls during Level 2.

5 mins 56 secs The Mechanical Support Systems value proposition from design, engineer, supply and install of cable reticulations systems with a focus on seismic strengthening.

9 mins 28 secs Cabling design via electrical consultants and how containment is achieved between data and power to reduce interference.

10 mis 15 secs The update of Building Information Management (BIM) software to produce 3D models before construction to eliminate on site clashes.

11 mins 46 secs I plug my brothers business Rapid Tender

14 mins 20 secs How Europe informations the New Zealand landscape on trends such as modularisation.

21 mins 15 secs Who Mechanical Support s Systems works for as sub contractor to the main contractor for the electrical.

25 mins 5 secs The lag between tender and construction and what that means for Covid cancelled and deferred jobs.

30 mins 45 secs Making the right team.

33 mins 23 secs Strategic advantages that MSS have optimised for including continuity of supply as a strategic advantage of NZ Made cabling reticulation services.


Mechanical Support Systems

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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