A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Hadleigh Bognuda | Ezyvet 044

A Kiwi Original - Hadleigh Bognuda | Ezyvet 044

Ezyvet is the software that improves the workflow of vets worldwide helping looking after our pets when they're not well. CEO Hadleigh Bognuda shares the origin story of Ezyvet through to today where their software supports clinical data across the workflows of 40,000 users globally.


2 mins 5 secs The initials barriers Ezyvet faced getting vets to change their software and how Ezyvet overcame them through showing vets how the software helped vets achieve things medically.

4 mins 20 secs The origin story of Ezyvet and the excitement Hadleigh felt when he knew he change the vet workflow and solve the problem with software rather than build software to solve a market opportunity.

7 mins 25 secs How the business got started with specialist referrals (emergency vets, internal medicine, surgeons, urology, rehab therapy) that could provide a better level of animal care and how those hospital referrals brought scale to Ezyvet.

12 mins 7 secs Discovering best practice and what does great technology look like in the vet space.

14 mins 45 secs The importance of ecosystem partners and how having data flow between platforms it helps in the sales process.

15 mins 36 secs What worked getting in to the United States through one or two very large practices.

23 mins 14 secs Clinical data, financial data, patient data and the analysis that is possible across 1,500 hospitals and 40,000 users globally.

24 mins 45 secs The limitations of AI for brand new software products attempting to compete against an established player like Ezyvet.

27 mins 45 secs Customer centric design, getting vets to use all the software features, the change process and getting the outcomes through grit and determination and why it's not easy... but it's worth it.

32 mins 51 secs Voice recognition through Ezyvet to import dictation and support dictation scripts so that vets can create their own workflows verbally.

35 mins 52 secs The organic approach to market building in the United States, deciding to setup in Dallas Texas and the difference with Ezyvet versus the approach of other Kiwi software companies at growing to 140 employees with 80% of the business coming from US clients.

41 mins 8 secs Why the New Zealand difference with software is being able to hire Kiwi software engineers that are customer facing who can get results quickly.

42 mins 7 secs Product centric software building vs being a sales and marketing company and the product trails behind.

43 mins 46 secs Being humble, being inclusive and getting better government support that can help software companies with their operational support.


A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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