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A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Greg Holland Jewellery 018

A Kiwi Original - Greg Holland Jewellery 018

Greg is a jeweller that specialises in bespoke jewellery that reflects the needs and desires of his customers. He’s been around for long enough to have built up a loyal client base through his iconic approach to jewellery design that is wearable works of art that pay homage to New Zealand.


2 mins 53 secs His start in jewellery and how a jewellery apprenticeship set him on the right path.

5 mins 46 secs How Greg broke the standard rules of jewellery retailing.

7 mins 10 secs What the customer relationship is like in jewellery.

9 mins 35 secs The importance of listening.

11 mins 49 secs The conversation around diamonds and the opportunity with gems.

16 mins 24 secs Surviving lockdown, finding an engagement ring and dispelling the myths.

19 mins 01 secs Greg Holland’s style and the importance of colour in his designs.

28 mins 58 secs Why mass produced jewellery costs more in the long run.


Greg Holland Jewellery

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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