A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Gareth Innes | EPL Group 062

A Kiwi Original - Gareth Innes | EPL Group 062

Gareth Innes is the General Sales Manager at EPL Group and on this episode we talk about innovative polymer solutions. We talk about New Zealand's capability to innovate. EPL is a science led manufacturer and why that matters more as waste stewardship becomes a requirement on agriculture and manufacturing.




2 mins 35 secs The origin story of Elastomer Products Limited.

4 mins 34 secs Why 90% of design is centred around what the customer needs including concept design, material design, die design

5 mins 45 secs Interesting business problems that EPL has solved and the EPL innovation cupboard!

8 mins 15 secs EPL Case studies including how Resene makes things better for their customers through idea iteration that results in innovation.

10 mins 4 secs How New Zealand can compete globally by developing an innovation ecosystem approach within New Zealand.

10 mins 47 secs Why Gareth got into elastomer products.

12 mins 15 secs The innovation coming out of Christchurch.

12 mins 38 secs The interruption of supply chains and people bringing production back to New Zealand.

14 mins 42 secs Why New Zealand companies can do highly technical things on a shoestring budget that isn't possible internationally.

15 mins 40 secs How the tendering processes are changing.

17 mins 45 secs The Covid curveball and what Gareth has learnt from this year.

19 mins 14 secs Polymers made out of biomass.

22 mins 56 secs Biodegradable vine clips so wineries don't end up with plastics in their vineyard.

25 mins 17 secs The investment required.

29 mins 18 secs The government papers on product stewardship and how this will affect a number of end of use lifecycle waste programmes.

29 mins 53 secs Creating a plant protector and the design process behind it that reduced 18% of the waste before manufacturing started.

35 mins 2 secs Managing the planets finite resources.

38 mins 48 secs Making introductions.

41 mins 38 secs What Gareth can't talk about with contract manufacturing.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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