A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Ethan Todd | Backlanz 027

A Kiwi Original - Ethan Todd | Backlanz 027

Ethan Todd has solved the problem of hunting with a fixed bipod always on your rifle. Ethan’s carbon fibre bipod is detachable thanks to an adaption he has patented making it compatible with your existing rifle.


3 mins 32 secs When a detachable bipod is needed when hunting and why adjustability in length, side to side for uneven ground and pan to follow targets is important.

5 mins 1 secs How Ethan achieved maximum rifle compatibility for his carbon fibre bipod with a mounting bracket.

8 mins 46 secs The challenges of working with carbon fibre, getting parts made and the benefits of 3d printing for design.

11 mins 53 secs The NZ market size of 220,000 people with firearms licences.

14 mins 7 secs The forward weight problem of bipods that aren’t detachable.

15 mins 1 secs How Ethan relied on his engineering background to bring his invention to life.

16 mins 54 secs Ethan’s advice for inventors and engineers wanting to bring their idea in to the world.

20 mins 22 secs Going from importing to New Zealand made and why Ethan wanted to switch to local manufacturing.

23 mins 52 secs What’s required to apply for a patent including parts numbering, describing your invention and then approaching your patent attorney.

26 mins 8 secs The day job at E type Engineering and how their support has made Backlanz possible.

27 mins 1 secs Where Ethan enjoys to hunt.

29 mins 16 secs Getting started if you’re new to hunting.

32 mins 49 secs What makes hunting in New Zealand unique.



A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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