A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - David Percy | Pertronics 043

A Kiwi Original - David Percy | Pertronics 043

David Percy, Founder of Pertronic has been interested in technology and manufacturing for 4+ decades, turning his hobby into a substantial New Zealand business employed over 100 Kiwi's.


2 mins secs Why David Percy does what he does.

3 mins 14 secs How the increased availability of electronic components and how that has helped upgrade the display of building fire protection systems.

6 mins 26 secs How smoke detector technology has improved and how that helps the fire prevention systems that Pertronic makes.

8 mins 1 secs The buildings and infrastructure that Pertronic protects including large car traffic tunnel systems that protects risk against tunnel fires.

10 mins 14 secs Winning deals in Australia and the benefits of having local people on the ground across Australasia.

11 mins 22 secs 34 years in the industry and how building regulations drives the fire protection systems.

13 mins 42 secs The advantage of being local through customising equipment in a way that multi-nationals are reluctant to do and how a small market for the UK is massive for New Zealand.

15 mins 30 secs The Pertronic team of 157 people across NZ, competing for talent and the advantage of being based in Wellington for computer scientists.

19 mins 35 secs Building bigger premises after the existing production building was bursting at the seams.

21 mins 35 secs The importance of testing. "It's got to be bulletproof."

25 mins 16 secs Why Pertronic focusses on fire detection and evacuation warning systems not smoke alarms or the evacuation plans.

27 mins 1 secs David's safety message about fire and why it's so dangerous when we sleep.

31 mins 22 secs Improving the regulatory environment to get the fire brigade intelligence on the fire before they leave the fire station.



A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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