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A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Carl Uren | True Fleece 034

A Kiwi Original - Carl Uren | True Fleece 034

Victoria and Carl Uren are the founders of True Fleece heralding a return to merino for parents of kids that want a better alternative to plastic polar fleece for school uniforms. True Fleece is made from natural merino with not a single synthetic fibre in sight.


2 mins 23 secs The origin story of making True Fleece merino jerseys.

4 mins 38 secs What the True Fleece range delivers on through function and simplicity.

7 mins 36 secs The consistence quality of merino fibre that True Fleece ensures and the importance of a low 18 - 19 fibre micron count.

9 mins 27 secs How making merino jerseys for their children morphed into a merino jersey school uniform business.

14 mins 3 secs The move away from synthetics plastic polar fleece clothing to natural New Zealand Made merino outer layers for school children.

16 mins 57 secs The time and effort in building a brand from unknown to findable and beyond.

18 mins 42 secs The secret brand sauce that Kate brings to True Fleece.

25 mins 21 secs Looking at the customer experience. How True Fleece have adopted experiences they like.

27 mins 25 secs The renaissance of New Zealand Made during and after Covid-19.

32 mins 47 secs Choosing the right international partners to sell True Fleece overseas.

36 mins 33 secs Making garments that have a purpose, and Carl’s recommendation on where Ryan should start shopping https://www.truefleece.co.nz


True Fleece

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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