A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Billie Jo Hohepa Ropiha | BDét 035

A Kiwi Original - Billie Jo Hohepa Ropiha | BDét 035

Billie Jo Hohepa Rohipa is a serial New Zealand inventor whose latest product innovation is set to save councils millions by removing the load of wet wipes on New Zealand’s waste infrastructure. B-Det foam can be used on any toilet paper and has helped thousands of our youngest and oldest New Zealanders who have delicate skin. Amazing story of invention and dedication to solve a problem few had considered.


6 mins 1 secs The original idea behind BDet and the value of ‘tutu’ing in Billie Jo’s family.

9 mins 10 secs Why solving health problems is so important and how B-Det helps.

11 mins 12 secs How B-Det replaces wet wipes and why that is important for waste reduction.

12 mins 10 secs The use cases for B-Det foam.

14 mins 51 secs Launching across 10 Countdowns and Foodstuff’s coming soon and what the future holds.

17 mins 46 secs The origin story of putting moisturiser on paper to make the wipe experience better.

22 mins 52 secs Where to find B-Det toilet paper enhancer. The wet wipe alternative in a category of its own.

26 mins 16 secs Joining New Zealand Made.

28 mins 19 secs How the product saves ratepayers millions of dollars.

29 mins 15 secs Going global.



A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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