A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Bernie Stewart | Canvas Plus Group 048

A Kiwi Original - Bernie Stewart | Canvas Plus Group 048

I speak with Bernie Stewart from Canvas Plus Group who is behind a range of canvas based solutions to solve a number of key problems including on site construction and building noise, drain nets that help local councils clean up our waterways and partitioning clean rooms where dirt and dust is created.


Hushtech Noise Barriers

Greenwich Drainage Wardens

Smartech Clean Rooms


6 mins 27 secs Getting branding on to the Hushtec range.

7 mins 10 secs Mitigating noise at source.

8 mins 37 secs How canvas is stopping rubbish entering New Zealand's waterways.

10 mins 5 secs The time saving for councils by implementing the Duraflex green tech drain warden nets.

12 mins 24 secs The Smartech range using canvas material for clean rooms via dust protection room dividers.

13 mins 58 secs Creating clean rooms for fertiliser plants and manufacturing sites where dust and dirt is created.

15 mins 53 secs The family business and the role of each of the brothers.

21 mins 48 secs Covering truck loads was a dangerous activity until the deployment of a cover could be done from ground level...and within 15 seconds.

23 mins 33 secs A plastic free fabric for billboards including the political parties this election is now fully recyclable.

26 mins 52 secs Getting talent into Northland and the jobs they're currently hiring for.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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