A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Belinda Robinson | Ecobeings 005

A Kiwi Original - Belinda Robinson | Ecobeings 005

Belinda has led the way on environmental cleaning products for our skin and our homes since 2011 in New Zealand.

Now that the rest of the world has caught up, her boutique soap-making business has scaled to match demand and now Ecobeings contract manufactures for a number of New Zealand brands.

In this episode we go deep into the history of soap, why it works and what makes it superior to the synthetic chemical alternatives. Belinda also explains that what we've been told about pH balance isn't as accurate as we'd like to think.

Belinda shares the origin story of Ecobeings, the values that empower the business and the secret to her success on her journey (hint: lots of events!)

With all the focus on high hygiene levels and preserving our environment this episode is a must listen.

3 mins 1s Why soap works.

5 mins 9s How soap was discovered.

6 mins 39s The origins of synthetic detergent.

9 mins 37s pH balance versus alkali soaps.

12 mins 24s The origin story of Ecobeings.

14 mins 12s The Ecobeings product range.

18 mins 54s Growing the business through expos and events.

20 mins 56s From small batches to high volume contract manufacturing.

23 mins 03s What it's like manufacturing in Waipapa, Kerikiri.



Ecobeings Soap: https://www.ecobeings.store

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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