A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Bart de Vries | Limber 003

A Kiwi Original - Bart de Vries | Limber 003

Limber is considered the world's healthiest desk because it goes beyond a standing or seated fixed setup. In this episode physiotherapist Bart de Vries shares:

- the insights he had into why only 20% of people change the height of a standing desk.

- his unique advantage in solving an office problem no one had been able to before.

- how facilities management can create the flexible office spaces while expanding vital shared areas.

- the VR technology Limber has used solve the fear of change for office workers.

- how Bart keeps his wellbeing in check during his founder journey so far.

- why U.C. Berkeley are interested in researching the unique potential health properties of Limber.


View the Sit Stand Kneel Desk: https://limber.nz/limber-desk

Watch their Instagram Videos: https://www.instagram.com/limberdesk/

Download the Limber Design Files: https://limber.nz/businesses

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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