A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Ash Razmi | Bootleg Jerky 063

A Kiwi Original - Ash Razmi | Bootleg Jerky 063

Ash Razmi had an idea to create a dried meat product...then thanks to an American road trip down the west coast towards Vegas. That idea turned into his full time gig back in New Zealand just a year later thanks to a brilliant combination of his sales skills, his brothers marketing and branding help, and most importantly... the deliciousness of 100% beef jerky without all the additives and salt.


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If you're wanting to break into the food and beverage scene in New Zealand, Ash shares his winning combination.


2 mins 12 secs The Bootleg Jerky origin story (Part I) and what makes great beef jerky.

5 mins 15 secs The trip from LA to Vegas and what happened next back in New Zealand.

8 mins 35 secs Selling at the local markets and online without a dollar on ads.

9 mins 35 secs From the garage to a contract manufacturer and back to an MPI approved facility... in the garage!

12 mins 21 secs Having his brothers digital marketing agency Powerhouse on board in the beginning and getting the brand and sales channels to look and feel the way Ash wanted (without any food background)

16 mins 15 secs The Bootleg origin story (Part II).

19 mins 13 secs Why beef jerky has had a rough history in New Zealand until now.

23 mins 2 secs Ash's selling skills, persistence and tenacity behind the companies growth towards 1,000 yes'es.

25 mins 45 secs Juggling the day job.

27 mins 15 secs Joining Buy New Zealand Made.

33 mins 21 secs Supermarkets versus independent stores.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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